Bitter Society

Society has some really weird, confusing standards. Like, why do we need to sit for everything? Everyone always is like let’s go get coffee, and sitting is just implied. Doesn’t anyone ever get tired of sitting? I mean I have a disability and even I feel like standing sometimes (when I can). We all just assume shit and then it becomes the norm.

Weddings? Weirdest shit ever. We are not legally binded until someone with the ‘power vested’ in them confirms it. Fuck that, I want to tell someone “we’re married, ok?” And have that be it. Then when I want a divorce, I can just say “we’re not married, ok?”

Obviously, it’s some sort of money scheme. Or it started off that way. I mean, it still is, but now it’s so normal and legally needs to happen for certain benefits. But like, who the hell started this and why did everyone follow suit.

It’s our damn ancestors who were so afraid of hell and God. Why! Why be so afraid of that shit. Get over it and don’t be so damn gullible.

That’s the takeaway of this blog. Get over it. Don’t be so damn gullible.


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