Dating is so hard. When you’re someone like me, it’s literally the strangest thing. I am absolutely terrible at it.

I mean, I don’t want to say that. But I just am so shy and awkward. Not to mention insecure. Oh yeah, also disabled. Something every guy lusts after. So I guess I have that going for me.

I am so insecure about this stuff that I literally make up any excuse to not meet up with guys from Tinder that ask. I seriously get out of it with a million and one reasons and just ghost the hell out of them. It’s not even because I don’t like them!!!! I just get really scared that they won’t understand my disability and hate me. It’s irrational, but I am just a girl with a diseased brain. And body to match. I try to be positive, but sometimes I think I have everything against me. Which is fine, but like let a sister breathe every once in a while.

Plus, I feel like I’m not pretty enough, interesting enough, not talkative enough. Also nerves. That’s a big fight for me. I am the most anxiety ridden.

I am sounding more and more like every guy’s dream with each passing sentence.


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