Strange Society

Family is such a weird thing. We have these people we are forced to cherish and love and and spend time with. For the rest of our lives, they’re become important and non-changing beings.

Luckily, I have so many great people in my family. I love them all dearly and truly cherish everything about them all. I really try to maintain special relationships with each one as much as I can. I am an incredibly family oriented person and have been since forever.

I still think about how weird family is and how it gets SO huge as we all get older. My cousins have kids, those kids have kids, my sisters have kids, then they have kids. It feels never ending. It gives me anxiety that it becomes harder to maintain relationships with all these people. As much as I would love to, the more it grows the harder it is!

It can also be very complicated. Family’s are messy and confusing. People hurt others without realizing, or because they’re hurting. They don’t take responsibility, and can’t set boundaries. Nothing is off limits, yet everything is.

It’s just weird. I love it a lot though.


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