Whimsically Inspired

In these last few days I’ve been listening to the Harry Potter audio books. I’ve made it through the first one and about to finish the second. It’s been making me think about a couple of things. First, how J.K. Rowling’s writing has been so successful, and what makes it so. Second, my childhood imagination.

I read somewhere that figuring out how writing works is important. Through reading, watching television, or movies, figuring out what works makes for a better writer. So, I’ve been really doing that. Especially in comedy. I really have been making an effort to figure out why a specific joke made me laugh. I have always done with comedy, and some of these things are obvious. But applying them to my own writing is sometimes hard to grasp. Hence why practicing writing and everything has been important to me.

I created one spec script for a television show for a class, recently. I plan to create another and want to have it finished by the end of the summer. I honestly should start asap if I want to not feel rushed. Scripts can be hard, though. But I need to practice.

As for my childhood imagination, the HP series has seriously brought me back. I didn’t read the books as a child, but did watch the movies. My sister did try to read me the books, but we started in the middle and I remember being confused. Anyway, I was obsessed with these sorts of mystical things anyway. Fairies were a big one for me and I was convinced they exist. Thanks, in part to, Fairytale: A True Story, which wholly convinced me. I wonder if I could create a magical world about Fairies, for adults. Or young adults. I could make a cute one for children, but Fairies have not received their due in the mainstream media as of yet. Maybe if Trump would take this stance in criticizing the mainstream media I would be more on board with him.

JK (Rowling) I would never be onboard with him. Even if he did defend the whimsical amazingness of fairies.


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