Quickly Unraveling

There are people in our lives that we may feel don’t belong there. I have definitely had these people and in some ways I have been able to remove them. Other times, they’re family and I can’t axe them without extreme guilt. Thank god I was raised Irish and Catholic! I don’t think I’m ever not guilty, even though I have never done a damn thing wrong in my life.

People just get stuck in life that I can’t seem to avoid. I always have the same issues. I figure it’s me and I attract a specific type of people. I love these people dearly, but sometimes wish I had better. Ever since I was a little girl, I remember wishing I could meet a little girl just like me. I would imagine an Asian girl on the other side of the world (Asia was as far away as it could get, I thought), exactly like me and wishing for the same thing. I wanted someone that I could relate to.

Realizing I had these feelings since first grade makes me really examine my life. I mean 17 years and I’ve been stuck in the same rut?! That sounds completely rational and healthy!

So lucky I have such a strong grip on my life!


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