Listen To Me. 

I’ve always loved listening to people talk. Ever since I was a little kid. Sitting with adults listening to their problems, gossip, and everything else was more fun to me. More fun than hanging out with kids my own age. I feel like this made me a great eavesdropper. It also fostered my love of listening to conversations over being involved in them. This fun fact about myself also contributed to my great quality of not being able to relate to people my age or become friends with them! Cool stuff!

Whatever. It’s fine. I can listen to people talk, don’t worry about me. I don’t need to be involved or heard, ha-ha. I’m fine. 

Actually, I think it’s why I love listening to podcasts. Hearing two people have a conversation is, of course, interesting, funny, informative, and so on. But I think it also brings me back to sitting in my moms lap listening to people I admired talk. It’s a comforting feeling. It’s as close to feeling like a little kid I can get to lately. 

People listen to podcasts for entertainment, information and just to listen. So, though I may try like hell, I’m not that different from everyone else. These are the things I’ve been thinking about, though. Trying to figure myself out still; suppose I always will be. ENDLESS ENTERTAINMENT. 


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