We’re All Probably Dying

2017 has definitely been a weird year here in the good ole U.S of A. By weird I mean absolutely insane and infuriating. I truly cannot believe that our president, and his cabinet, are such terrible people.

I really have a hard time understanding where people are coming from. I have such a naivety about other people, that when something terrible happens I cannot believe it. I can’t even fathom how a man who 1. mocked someone with a disability 2. admitted to sexual assault got elected in the first place. Who are these voters?

Oh wait, my family members. I suppose these people aren’t bad, I mean they would never advocate for either of those acts. But obviously they were able to look past that, and make excuses in some cases, and go forth. Maybe someone could say the same about me, but at least in some ways Hilary had some progressive and righteous ground to stand on.

Every week it seems to get worse. I look back on old stories, or tweets about this presidency and long for the days where those were our only concerns. It feels really disappointing to believe in the good of all people and have it be crushed.

Crushed by people who apparently don’t believe that, and crushed by the people actively trying to hurt other humans.

I don’t even know how this will end optimistically. I’m thinking we’re probably going to die before the conclusion of this presidency, which might be our best option.


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