Slight Break Down

So, let’s break down my first blog post:


No really, let’s get into it. I mentioned my writing takes a serious tone often. My school essays always sound way more serious than I intend, making me seem psychopathic. It’s fine, my actual personality seems that way anyway. My professors probably love me.

Before anyone says ‘everyone writes essay in a serious way,’ I will say that I have read some hilarious essays. Ones that are well thought-out, thesis included with literature reviews, and yet are so funny. How do they do that?

My problem is, I have learned that all my jokes I write need a ‘haha,’ or ‘lol,’ or ‘just kidding’ tacked on the end. So, internet, I blame you. You’ve ruined me.

Let’s be honest, I’ve ruined me. I think I hope that this whole writing on a blog ┬áthing will help me be funny (or at least less serious, and more casual), in my other forms of writing. I don’t even really have to plans to be a comedy writer, but being funny is important to me. If I can master it through writing, I think that’s a great accomplishment.

Just trying to change the world here, people.


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