Watch Me Burn

Writing sucks. It can be really hard and I always forget the words I want to use. My tone is always so serious and I feel like my point gets lost.

That said, I like to write. I would like to one day consider myself a writer. But, in a field super saturated thanks to the internet, it’s really easy for me to feel less than my ‘peers.’

Not to mention my second grade teacher would be disappointed that I started my sentence with “but,” one of the words she banned us from starting sentences with. Now my ninth grade teacher is upset because I ended a sentence with a preposition. So I’m already off to a very poor start.

Isn’t there something called a writers license? A poets license? Whatever. Either way this is the best I can do and maybe writing once a day, every day will make my old, no-longer-relevant-to-my-life teachers happy. That’s the real,¬†ultimate goal here.


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